The creation of a company plays an
essential role in stimulating the
economy, but spreading the
entrepreneurial spirit is also just as
important for facing the challenges of
our society.
The sensas project

The main objective of the SENSAS project is to foster entrepreneurial spirit among young people and in particular apprentices.

Apprentices who train on day/block release programmes in training institutes are in fact already in direct contact with the work place.
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Who is it for?

Starting out from what we have seen in our everyday practice as researchers, project managers, trainers and teachers, players and operators connected to the business world but also in tune with the needs of those who wish to create businesses or activities (future heads of small and medium businesses or the self-employed) our goal is to attract two categories of the population:
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A rich partnership composed of 6 partners from 5 different Member States: Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, and Sweden. Some partners are in direct contact with apprentices (Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat de Vaucluse, IFAPME, DIT) ; others have experience in the field of training in entrepreneurial spirit (IFAPME, CAB Y, Be Soft).
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......means SENS...ibilisation des Apprentis à l’eSprit d’entreprendre
Increasing apprentices’ awareness of the Spirit of Enterprise (Entrepreneurial Spirit)

- but it could also mean....

The opportunity to create a
Spirit of Enterprise, to Exchange ideas, to share your Energy in a Team
to launch New projects and New Companies,
to be bold and Stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship,
among Apprentices who have the Ambition and drive to create their future and who want to take action!

...this is the challenge that the SENSAS project partners have decided to face together.

Uniting their competences and sharing their experience and their teaching tools, their goal is to make the younger generation want to become entrepreneurs. These young people who are training as apprentices on alternating training programmes such as day-release or sandwich courses and the teaching staff who are training them.......

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